Meet the Magcon guys.

Could some of you fill this survey in please! 

It’s not mine, I’m just trying to help someone out

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armyhood: Hi, we'll I was wondering, where do you get those gifs from? And how do you download them from tumblr? Sorry I'm new❤️

What do you mean by “where do you get those gifs from”? I make them.

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onebigfandon: How do you save gifs. When I hold them down it just saves the image

Do you have an iPhone or an Android?
Gifs don’t work on iPhones (as far as I’m aware).

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o2lsecondsof1d: Do you have a link to the vine of jack g hitting / arguing with jack j


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Anonymous: Im just wondering but do you only do magcon gifs (it doesnt bother me if you do)

Yes but I can make exceptions for some people.

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No watermark so feel free to use these for anything. Let me know what though, I’d like to see where they’re used (if they are).

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do any of you guys have the quizup app?
send me your usernames!




I’ve always wanted to know which hairstyle everyone prefers on Cameron. So reblog this with a comment “long” or “short” (if no one does this that’s just awkward)


Long, like I like penises